Recent Type-In at Tibb’s Brewing in Kalamazoo

thank you to everyone who attended our recent Type-In at Tibb’s Brewing in downtown Kalamazoo. The event was well attended, there was a huge variety of machines on display (a Fox and an Oliver even made an appearance!), and the event space at Tibb’s was just the right size for our group.   Much wonderful conversation was had, including plots for a Hermes themed type in, why you should always have ribbons on hand, who we know who can fix what, oogling over an Oliver, podcasting, getting the Tibb’s bartender in on the fun, and a discussion about where you actually can park for free in downtown Kalamazoo on a Saturday (no where?).  Tibb’s took good care of us, with excellent brews and the city’s best french fries.


Here are photos from the event!  Please enjoy, and as this is an image heavy post, be prepared to enjoy patiently, as photos may take a few seconds to load.  Photos were taken by typochondriacs Jeff, Andy, and Andrea.


And why yes, that is a chromed Smith-Corona!





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The Hermes 3000: Love It or Hate It?

This seemingly eternal question popped up during our recent type-in in Grand Rapids. Some members of the Typosphere can’t get enough of the H3K’s smooth, “butter-like” feel on the keys. Others dislike it intensely for the same reason, preferring snappier machines like the Olympias. I keep oscillating between the Hermes and the Olympia SM3 as favorite machines for extended writing sessions, with occasional excursions to the Smith Corona Skyriter, Olivetti Lettera 22, Royal Model O, and several others. It all seems to depend on the mood I’m in. What’s your favorite?DSC02534An early- and a late-model Hermes 3000 that came to the Grand Rapids type-in all the way from Ann Arbor. The curves and feel of the earlier version have more fans than the later design, although the innards are the same in both.

Welcome to Michigan Typochondriacs

Welcome to the new web home of the Michigan Typochondriacs. We are an informal group of typewriter enthusiasts throughout Michigan. Our group started at the end of a type-in at the Old Dog Tavern in Kalamazoo in May 2013. Since then we have sponsored at least one type-in each year, and usually more. We also participate in events sponsored by others.

The famous Olivetti Valentine sunning itself at the 2018 Grand Rapids type-in